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What To Expect From Your Wedding Photographer at the Initial Meeting

Updated: May 1

What To Expect From Your Wedding Photographer at the Initial Meeting

Friendly Manner

You are going to spend most of the day with your photographer. You have to feel that it would be someone you and your husband to be would like to have at your wedding. If you initially don't feel the spark or don't click then no matter how good the photographers portfolio will be you will not get good photos on the day if you don't feel at ease. At Willow & Lace Photography we always show a professional manor but we also love to have a bit of fun and to try and make the couples we work with relaxed. A relaxed, happy couple make wonderful photographs which helps us and you!

It's About You not The Photographer!

The photographers portfolio they bring to the meeting is crucial. This will let you see their style of photography. Are the photos relaxed or more formal? Are they creative and interesting? Is there an instant appeal to the shots they show you. If the answer is no to any of the above then you may want to think again about your choices. Some photographers are happy to change their style to suit you but ask to see examples of the style first. Also some photographers have stock shots that they use for every wedding. This may not suit your idea of an individualised wedding so check carefully. Remember it's about you not the photographer! At Willow & Lace Photography we don't have a 'one size fits all' policy. We try to make each wedding an individualised stand alone, unique event. The photographs should reflect your personality, not the photographers!

Flexible Budget and Hours

If you are happy with the product the photographer is showing you then feel free to negotiate their packages. Most photographers will be happy to negotiate a reduction or to extend their working hours by 30 mins at the start or end of the day. You are more likely to get a deal if you sign them up on the meeting night but just make sure you are happy with the service. If you need more time to think then take it. Don't be bullied or pressurised! At Willow & Lace we promise we will never pressurise you into deciding. You come to us when you are ready and can ask as many questions as you desire. We won't get cross...honest!

Ask What You are Getting For The Price

Once you have decided make sure you study the packages carefully to check exactly what you are getting. If your photographer only works until 7 but your first dance is delayed until 7.3 make sure they will be willing to stay. At Willow & Lace Photography we will always stay until the last event on the package you have booked regardless of the time. If you book us until the first dance then that's what you will get!

Please contact Willow & Lace Photography to find out how we can capture your day with stunning photography Web: Tel: 07523 953579. Email:

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