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Personalise Your Wedding Day

Updated: May 1

We have been struck recently by the amount of brides who want to personalise their wedding day. Who wants to be run of the mill?! We agree totally. We thought we would share with you some of the ways our wedding photography and video customers have personalised their wedding days....

1, Table Centers

There seems to be a gradual shift away from the 'flower in a vase with lights' days to something much more personal. One of our favourite recent weddings had classic games as table centers There was Mouse Trap, Buckaroo, Pop Up Pirate, Hungry get the idea! We loved the idea and so did the guests! The sky is the limit for your let it run wild! Just make sure that your photographer and videographer capture all the action! Think about your theme ideas and get creative.

2, Flowers or sometimes a lack of them!

Flowers are an essential part of a wedding but they don't have to be traditional. We love the vintage style flowers we have seen at recent weddings. Flowers in bird cages or buckets seem to be very in fashion at the moment. We have also seen a gradual move over to more exotic plants and flowers and sometimes even artificial flowers. Again, think of your theme and let your creative juices flow!

3, Giant Games

We love games....giant games are even better! Giant Jenga, Connect 4, Snakes and Ladders etc. For a summer wedding this is ideal and gets the guests really involved in the day. It also makes for some cracking photographs!

4, A Themed Wedding

This is a growing trend in the weddings we have covered. The most popular theme wedding at the present time seems to be a vintage style. We have covered make do and mend, 50's, a beach wedding and even a medieval style! If you decide on a theme then remember to think carefully about transport choices, flowers, food, cakes, photography style, video style and the venue itself to make sure they fit with your style and make it as more believable event.

5, Marryoke!

This is a cool new trend that started over the pond. So what is it? Well.... Basically it is a video technique that involves your wedding party singing a song of your choice in groups and then the resulting footage being edited to create a whole song sung by your wedding party! Look it up on You Tube and see if it is something that would interest you....

6, A First Dance Routine

Who likes shuffling around in circles looking at your feet.....most grooms by the look of it! Well it could be time for a change! We have seen a number of couples who have decided to take professional dance lessons prior to the big day. It does look fantastic when you suddenly break out your best moves in front of your friends and family with a perfectly choreographed routine! It's also great for your wedding video and makes for some great photographic shots!

7, Fun and Quirky Photos and Video!

Nearly every couple we see about our photography and video services use the words 'fun' and 'quirky' at some point during the meeting! We have been asked to create some wild and wacky videos and photography over the years! Some of our favorites have been sections of video in a 1920's style silent movie style, slapstick type sped up video sequences set to wacky music, spoofs of name it and it can be done! Think about your theme or personalty and decide if this is for you. Remember that not all your photographs or video has to be in that style, it could just be a little added extra to spice up your day!

8, A Wow Cake!

We have seen loads of amazing cakes recently and quite a few have been made by friends and family of the bride and groom. There has been a couple of trends we have seen recently. The first is fun and quirky cakes such as the one we saw in the shape of a badger! The other is beautiful vintage style cakes with incredible details. The general feeling at the moment is that you don't have to spend a fortune on a cake if you want something personalised and unique to you and your wedding.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our post and please visit our web site for more great ideas for your wedding day!

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