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Vintage Wedding Tips!

Updated: May 1

List of 10 top tips and vintage wedding ideas.

1. Mix new with authentic vintage items to create a retro feel with a fresh perspective for the 21st century bride.

2. The venue is hugely important in achieving the look, if you can’t find somewhere with the appropriate architecture or decor consider a plain backdrop such as a marquee or a glass structured building like an orangery against which your vintage details will stand out.

3. Choose your photographer well. A good photographer will be able to create retro style photographs by using different exposures, lighting and journalistic shots.

4. Be prepared to research – vintage dresses, accessories and often perfect venues are easily found in mainstream wedding shops and websites.

5. Live music will really give you a vintage feel over a DJ. Ask the band members to dress according to your chosen era, including hair and make-up for the ladies to give you ultimate authenticity.

6. Consider giving guests something vintage themed as their favour. For example if you are doing an American 1950s themed wedding, put lolly pops in vintage popcorn cases – this will make fantastic photographs when your guests dig in!

7. A wedding planner will really take the stress of planning all this detail away, however if you’d rather plan the wedding yourself you can still go to specialists to help source vintage wedding suppliers. LeKeux Events have fact sheets and even a ‘Vintage Wedding Starter Kit’ which can be purchased at tiny prices and will save you tons of time!

8. Be confident in your styling, commit to the look through your hair and make-up and get a skilled professional to help to achieve an authentic look. Vintage glamour is the ultimate in celebrating all that is feminine and sexy! Soon to come Vintage hair and make up tips.

9. Ask Granny! You’ll be amazed what you can beg, borrow and steal for your vintage wedding. Whether it’s Granny’s pearls, old lace table cloths or teacups, you’ll find something in those cupboards to help you achieve your vintage look.

10. Lastly…enjoy it! Choosing to have a vintage wedding doesn’t have to be about getting every detail perfect, so don’t sweat it if you can’t find everything you’re looking for, just enjoy being a glamorous vintage goddess for a day!

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